Jan 14th HaxHost Sponsorship

Dear HaxHost users,we are pleased to announce that HaxHost is now sponsoring new leagues, communities etc with the following; WebHosting (where you can place your website/forums - with no ADS, completely free) A private room in a location of your choice (Branded - with HaxHost in room's or host's name) The webhosting consists of the ... Read More »

Jan 14th New HaxHost packages and additional changes

Dear HaxHost users,we are pleased to announce that we have added more customizable packages to suit everyone's needs.Since the majority of players moved to HTML5, we've discontinued the support on the Flash version of the game and are now focusing on the HTML5 version of the game. The old HaxHost package has been moved to the HaxHost Legacy ... Read More »

Nov 28th HaxHost now supports HTML5 - New app!

Dear HaxHost users,We now officially support Haxball HTML5. You will now be given a choice of both haxball versions whether it's the flash one or html5 one, but you will only be able to run one version at a time. You will notice a new application that is crucial to complete the mentioned job. It is a small application that lets you choose which ... Read More »

Jul 26th HaxHost Poland is no more!

We regret to inform you that HaxHost Poland is no longer available due to lack of interest.
We are continuously looking to expand to different regions , so expect more new locations soon!

HaxHost Administration Team

Jul 13th HaxHost South America now available!

Dear users ,We are proud to announce our last HaxHost region - HaxHost South America.The host will be located in Sao Paolo , Brazil , and is perfect for the entire South America (as far as we've tested). The pricing is the same as the other locations , and haxhost transfers are free of charge to the new region. If you wish to transfer your HaxHost ... Read More »

Jun 18th HaxHost Poland now available!

Dear users ,We are happy to announce a new location is available for HaxHost -> Poland! You may now order (or switch to) your Poland HaxHost from our website. After intensive testing HaxHost Poland is not ideal for the entire Europe (HaxHost France would still be the better choice there) , but for countries close to Poland it's a better choice. ... Read More »

Jun 10th HaxHost Server app update & automatic logoff

We have updated our HaxHost server app to fix some vulnerability issues that were present.Also , starting from today , we have added a rule that will sign off every HaxHost session daily. For HaxHost EU the automatic sign-off will occurr at 6:00 AM CEST , and for HaxHost USA at 6:00 AM CDT. This is to help battle the public room issue until it is ... Read More »

May 11th Public rooms not being listed

Dear HaxHost users ,Recently we stumbled upon a problem that is causing rooms not being listed in the game. It appears that Haxball was configured to only list 2 rooms in their room database per IP address. This has lead to many rooms not being shown on the list on some of our nodes. Since we cannot allocate a new IP address per client (thanks ... Read More »

Apr 15th Website maintenance finished

We have completed our Website maintenance and are now fully operational. We apologize for the inconvenience

Apr 12th HaxHost in USA

We have recently opened a new HaxHost location and expanded our services to USA. You now have the ability to purchase HaxHost in USA through our website. We are constantly working on expanding our services to different regions. If you have a suggestion for a region that we should cover , please contact us so that we could discuss it further.Your ... Read More »