Dear HaxHost users ,

Recently we stumbled upon a problem that is causing rooms not being listed in the game. It appears that Haxball was configured to only list 2 rooms in their room database per IP address. This has lead to many rooms not being shown on the list on some of our nodes. Since we cannot allocate a new IP address per client (thanks basro!) we cannot fix the issue.
We have spoken with Basro regarding this matter , but sadly he is not interested in the game , or in HaxHost.

Unfortunately , there is nothing we can do to fix this issue , since the problem rises from the game itself , and not our service.
Please keep this in mind if you are purchasing HaxHost solely for hosting public rooms , as we cannot guarantee that your room will always be on the list. Most of the time it will (as we are doing our best to avoid this) , but sometimes it won't. Private rooms , however , will always work.

Furthermore , we will keep pursuing the resolution of this issue , however we cannot guarantee anything.

Your HaxHost Administration team.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

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